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10ml Natural Plant Essential Oils

10ml Natural Plant Essential Oils

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Escape the chaos of everyday life with our premium assorted essential oils. Sourced from aromatic plants across the world, these 100% natural oils can transport you to a serene state of relaxation with just a few soothing drops.

  • Variety of therapeutic-grade scents
  • Ease anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Safe for aromatherapy diffusers
  • No synthetic ingredients

Inhale deeply as the floral aroma of lavender calms your mind. Feel tension melt away as the scent of mint reenergizes your senses. With options like rose, lemon and more, you’ll enjoy the instant mood-boosting magic of essential oils.

If you’re looking for little luxuries that go a long way to increase daily tranquility and wellness, our essential oils are for you. Just a few drops can provide soothing aromatherapy benefits to help you destress from the day, sleep better at night and feel more balanced and peaceful anytime. Start enjoying the rejuvenating scents and uplifting power of nature’s essence today.

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All the products you will find on AnxieFree are designed to both help manage daily stress and aid in stressfull situations.

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You will find an assortment of ways to help both manage and eliminate stress through us. Using a combination of sleep aids, anxiety control measures, and meditative devices; finding peace is now within arms reach.